Environmental Awards

  Year Recipients Contribution
  2017 Richard W. Fedor For his dedication to conservation and public access to Killingly's open spaces at 1892 Conservation Area/Sherman Land Trust and Chase Reservoir.
  2016 Virginia Chase For her dedication in creating Mother Nature's Garden and promoting pollinator gardens in Killingly.
  2015 Linda Walden For 28 years of exceptional dedication in preserving natural resources of Killingly
  2014 Frank Anastasio Agriculture advocate
  2013 Bernard Bessette & Mitch Phaiah For their donation of property for the River Trail
  2012 Josie Stenback For her donation of 36 acres to the Wyndham Land Trust
  2011 Norman Spraske For his hours of cleaning and improving Killingly's environment
  2010 Brad Gauthier For his long time commitment for natural and historical qualities of Killingly
  2009 Boy Scout Troop #42 For their Community Service at Cat Hollow Park
  2008 Art Stone AIC For their time and labor at Cat Hollow Park
  2007 Jack Daley & Michael O'Dea Briarwood Donations for Cat Hollow Park
  2006 Louis & JoAnne Beauvais Energy efficient techniques in new home
  2005 Michael Green Development of Conservation Website and Stewardship of Land Trust Properties
  2004 6th grade Hands-on Environmental activities
  2003 Ellen Pratt & Jim Reck Leadership on Conservation Commission
  2002 Seth Mellen Reusable plates at school