Trash disposal and recycling

Trash disposal is an issue that faces every town in the Quiet Corner. Most of the landfills were closed years ago, and towns have to truck their trash to local incinerators. You are encouraged to recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of solid waste that is sent to the incinerators. Recycling saves the town money and is good for the environment.

Town residents can pay a private trash disposal company to collect their garbage and recycling. If you pay for curbside pickup, you can put out the following recycling in your blue box:

Alternatively, you can pay an annual fee to use the town's recycling center and transfer station. If you use the town's recycling center and transfer station, you can recycle the following:

There is no fee for recyclables.

The recycling center and transfer station is available to any Killingly town resident. The facility is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. (closed holidays). An annual permit is required, and you will receive sticker to place on your vehicle windshield. The cost is $70 ($40 for seniors).

All residents who want to dispose of household waste at the Recycling Center are required to use Town disposal stickers or plastic bag. No bag larger than 35 gallons may be utilized to dispose of household trash. Some non-recyclable items such as carpeting, plastic containers, and large toys require a sticker for disposal. Stickers are available for purchase at Town Hall and at local businesses. The cost of the sticker is $2.50 each. Bulky Waste items can be disposed of at a cost of $.08 per lb.

The facility is located on Brickhouse Road: from Route 6 head north on Bailey Hill Road to Brickhouse Road (approximately one mile). Take a right and follow Brickhouse Road to the entrance of the facility (approximately 1.5 miles). There are green directional signs on Route 6 and at the intersection of Bailey Hill Road and Brickhouse Road.

For questions about trash and recycling: