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Conservation in Killingly

Plan of conservation and development

The Town of Killingly has a Plan of Development that was adopted in 1987 and serves as a guide for town officials and commission members. Recently, the Conservation Commission worked for many months to update the Plan of Conservation and Open Space which is incorporated into the town's Plan of Development. The new guidelines were published in 2002.

This is the introduction to the Plan of Conservation and Open Space.

The Town of Killingly contains a variety of natural, cultural and historic resources that shape the overall character of the Town, region and the State as a whole. It is these resources that help to define the existing quality of life in Killingly. Culturally, natural resources are key to the historic and recreational development of Killingly. Ecologically, natural resources are important for sustaining viable agriculture, forest, wildlife and water resources (MacDonald, 1999). Responsible management of these resources is a challenging task, one that the Killingly Conservation Commission has chosen to tackle with the formation of this plan.

To aid in retaining the character that defines Killingly, local officials and residents need to be able to plan for future development to ensure that it occurs in a careful balance with the preservation of natural, cultural and historic resources that make Killingly the Town it is. The creation of this plan attempts to address local concerns by identifying and signifying the importance of the natural, cultural and historic resources of the Town. This plan also details the strategies that the Conservation Commission, in conjunction with other boards, commissions, local residents and officials of immediate and surrounding towns, will pursue to achieve the Commissions’ overall goal and vision of resource management and protection.

Clickhereto read the rest of the Town of Killingly's Plan of conservation and open space. This is a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.