The Chase Reservoir Property is located along Pratt Road and Pettingill Road here in Killingly.  The property is composed of 365 acres that includes a large body of water once used for a water supply for Killingly. The acreage includes land on three sides of the water.  Because this protected property is to be used for recreation and education by the public, the Conservation Commission of Killingly wants to pass along to you this information to encourage teachers to use this land in the school curriculum.


The suggestions that follow are just a list of ideas that the Commission members have discussed.  By no means is this list complete and with your help it may grow in many directions.  It is the hope of the Commission members that those using the facility for curriculum purposes will keep records so others may look back on the gathered statistics over the years.


Water Quality - using simple test kits available from companies such as Science Kit and

Flinn Scientific students can learn to test variables in the water. Grants might be

available from different organizations.  Variables that can be tested include:

            Physical Factors:                                            Biological Factors

            Water temperature                                            Determine what micro- and macro-

            Water pH                                                         organisms live in the water

            Water clarity or turbidity                                   Vernal pools

            Water hardness                                                Animals in winter (tracks)

Nitrate concentration                                        Animal count

Phosphate concentration

Oxygen concentration                                                           


Land Quality - short hikes and observations students can experience and be introduced


            Biodiversity                                                      Bird identification

            Human impact to an area                                  Habitat analysis

            Plant identification

            Life along the water edges

History/Social Studies - projects can be implemented to do research about the history of

the area.  The historical society in Killingly can be of great help.

English and Literature - Ralph Waldo Emerson and Robert Frost are but two of many

authors who would be inspired by nature in this property.


With such a valuable resource such as this and so much emphasis being placed upon ecology, environmental science, and conservation, along with an emphasis placed upon Project Based Learning in education today, it seems Chase Reservoir could be a rich resource for the Killingly schools.


For more information about the Chase Reservoir property, see or contact the Planning and Development Office at the Killingly Town Hall (860) 779-5311.