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Chase Reservoir Conservation Area

85 Pratt Road, Killingly, CT

An overview of the Chase Reservoir

The Chase Reservoir and Watershed Conservation area is a 365-acre nature preserve in East Killingly. The preserve consists of an 80-acre lake and 285 acres of woodland, grassland, streams, swamps, and vernal pools. For about 80 years, starting in 1902, the lake served a s a source of water for the Borough of Danielson.

The property was donated to the Town of Killingly by the Crystal Water Company of Danielson in three parcels between 2002 and 2004. Grants of Conservation Restriction describe the property uses and restrictions. The purpose of these grants is to ensure that the property remains in its natural form and that it is used for conservation only. The preserve is protected open space to be enjoyed for passive recreation and education purposes.








Activities at the Chase Reservoir

The Chase Reservoir and the adjacent land are an important natural resource that the town is trying to protect for future generations. You are invited to walk on the property and enjoy the wonderful scenery, the plants and wildflowers that come and go with the seasons, and the abundant wildlife. The maps show where you can park and follow the trails. Please do not leave any trash on the site. Remember the adage "Leave only footprints; take only memories." Hiking, jogging, bird watching, and cross-country skiing are encouraged. Motorcycles, off-road vehicles, bicycles, and horses are not permitted. If you take your dog onto the property, please keep it on a leash. Hunting is not permitted. Report any illegal activities to the town or to the State Police.

Fishing is allowed from the shore and from non-motorized boats. Please make sure you do not leave any fishing line on the property. Canoes and kayaks are welcome to portage on to the reservoir at the site along Pratt Road. Motor boats--electric or gasoline--are not permitted. Swimming is not permitted. The dam at the southern end of the reservoir is not part of the Chase Reservoir property and still belongs to the Crystal Water Company. You are not allowed on the dam, which means that fishing from the dam and putting in boats from the dam is not permitted. The reservoir and the adjacent land are surrounded by private property. Please respect people's property rights.


Click here for a printable brochure and trail map of Chase Reservoir. 

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