Litchfield Avenue

535 Litchfield Avenue, Killingly, CT

Litchfield Avenue is a 11.6-acre property. The property features a 0.9 mile hike on a woodland trail through a property bordering the Quinebaug River and belonging to the Town of Killingly. The Town placed a conservation easement on this property in 2009. Due to the proximity to the roadside and the secluded quiet road, this property has historically been used as an illegal dumping site. 

This property is open to passive recreation, including the following activities: 

  • Hiking

  • Birdwatching

  • Snow Shoeing

  • Pets Discouraged! (Due to dumping that has taken place in the past, stray glass could hurt your pet's paws. The property has been cleaned to the best of our ability, but it's impossible to know if we've gotten every piece of glass. Sometimes we find more glass as leaves get kicked up, etc. Please use caution.)